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Alivia McKenna - This Is Love (2019)

Date: 13 august 2019
Added: StasOn11
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  • ARTIST: Alivia McKenna
  • ALBUM / TITLE: This Is Love
  • RELEASE YEAR / DATE: August 9, 2019
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • STYLE: Country
  • LABEL: Alivia McKenna
  • DURATION: 00:35:34
  • QUALITY: 320 kbps

  • RATING: 10 / 4    
  • VOTE:

  • СИДЫ:

Torrent description

01. You Make Me Insane
02. Free
03. Real Love
04. I Can't Think Right Now
05. This Is Love
06. Loved By My Man
07. Ignite
08. Without You
09. Tell Mama
10. Out Loud

Alivia McKenna is a Nashville, TN native. She currently resides in Hendersonville, TN among some of the finest musicians and artists in country music. She has accomplished what most would consider the impossible. At the early age of 14 she has found her sound and is ready to make her niche’ as a songwriter and artist.

Alivia’s first recording has turned the heads of many top-notch music execs in the industry. “She never misses a note” was one quote from her vocal coach, Rene’ Grant Williams, who has also coached the likes of Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera and many others. Her versatile writing style leaves her open to such a broad fan base. Alivia and her music appeal to young-minded fans and country purists alike. Her pure clean tone mixed with a powerful voice full of emotion leave her with a modern and timeless sound. Her father, a Belmont University music business graduate who worked in and around labels and artists for years, has en-grained in her from the age of 6 that she needs to be “first, best or different” if she wants to break into this world of music. He believes she’s on her way to accomplishing all three! Songs like “Before My Heart Breaks” and the clever take on teen-romance “Out Loud” bring country music into the 21st century. When her dad played “Tell Me You Love Me” to Mike Rogers, the National Director Of Promotion and VP at Curb Records he said, “You have a very focused young lady on your hands. Congrats on a job well done”.

“I definitely feel I’ve discovered my sound with these originals. If I tried to do anything other than my style of music, then it would sound forced and not natural. I feel people want to hear the natural truth in music.” We need more emotion in the lyrics today, Alivia says, not just a cookie cutter sound! Big words coming from the not so small 6’ tall 13 year old. “I did record one song that I feel fits me to the T that wasn’t mine however. It’s a Blake Mevis song called “Tell Mama”. Blake is a living legend and is one who has shaped country music. "With songs like “Broken Heartsville” for Joe Nichols and “If Your'e Thinking You Want A Stranger” for George Strait as well as so many others, I couldn’t pass the opportunity of recording one of his that feels like it was written for me.” With the exception of “Tell Mama”, Alivia self-penned all but one on the release, “Tell Me You Love Me” which she co-wrote with her dad John Copley and her producer at the time, David Norris from Norrisong Productions.

“When country fans listen to my music, I want them to take away that, each song on the compilation is entirely real and straight from the heart of a 6’ tall 14 year old female.”

Comments (3)

14 august 2019

Thank You Very Much For Release)))

14 august 2019

Citation:  yuriy75
спасибо за релиз!!!

Спасибо за "Спасибо"!

14 august 2019

спасибо за релиз!!!


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