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Erik Wollo - Infinite Moments (Lossless, 2018)

Ambient  Abstract
12 march 2019

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 3
Views: 723

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Erik Wollo - Infinite Moments (Lossless, 2018)Artist: Erik WolloAlbum / Title: Infinite MomentsRelease year / Date: 2018Country: USAStyle: Ambient, Abstract, DroneLabel: ProjektDuration: 00:58:27File Format: FLAC (tracks)Quality: Lossless

William Basinski - On Time Out of Time (Lossless, 2019)

Ambient  Abstract
12 march 2019

RATING: 10 / 2
Comments: 1
Views: 861

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William Basinski - On Time Out of Time (Lossless, 2019)Artist: William BasinskiAlbum / Title: On Time Out of TimeRelease year / Date: 2019Country: USAStyle: Space Ambient, Drone, Dark Ambient, AbstractLabel: Temporary ResidenceDuration: 00:49:19File Format: FLAC (tracks+cue)Quality: Lossless

Tim Hecker - Konoyo (Lossless, 2018)

Ambient  Abstract
11 march 2019

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 2
Views: 850

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Tim Hecker - Konoyo (Lossless, 2018)Artist: Tim HeckerAlbum / Title: KonoyoRelease year / Date: 2018Country: USAStyle: Ambient, Noise, Abstract, DroneLabel: Kranky / KRANK 219Duration: 00:59:10File Format: FLAC (tracks)Quality: Lossless

William Basinski - Discography (Lossless, 2001 - 2017)

Ambient  Experimental Classical  Abstract
12 august 2017

RATING: 10 / 6
Comments: 3
Views: 1654

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William Basinski - Discography (Lossless, 2001 - 2017)Artist: William BasinskiAlbum / Title: ДискографияRelease year / Date: 2001 - 2017Country: USAStyle: Ambient, Modern Classical, Minimal, AbstractSite: www.mmlxii.comDuration: 33:37:05File Format: FLAC (tracks, tracks + .cue)Quality: Lossless
William Basinski is an experimental musician and composer currently residing in Los Angeles. Classically trained, he has worked with various forms of experimental media for nearly 30 years, mostly in New York. One of his main compositional tools is the tape loop on reel-to-reel machines, and these also play the main role in his live performances. His work has been released by a variety of internationally-based labels, including his own 2062 label.

Biosphere - Substrata (Reissue) (Lossless, 2017)

Ambient  Abstract
3 august 2017

RATING: 10 / 1
Comments: 1
Views: 1314

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Biosphere - Substrata (Reissue) (Lossless, 2017)Artist: BiosphereAlbum / Title: Substrata (Remastered + Bonus Album with Extra Tracks)Release year / Date: 2017Country: NorwayStyle: Ambient, AbstractLabel: Biophon RecordsSite: www.biosphere.noDuration: 02:07:01File Format: FLAC, (tracks + .cue)Quality: Lossless

Oil 10 - Discography (Lossless, 1998 - 2014)

IDM  Abstract  Ambient  Techno  Industrial
28 july 2017

RATING: 10 / 4
Comments: 1
Views: 1077

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Oil 10 - Discography (Lossless, 1998 - 2014)Artist: Oil 10Album / Title: ДискографияRelease year / Date: 1998 - 2014Country: FranceStyle: IDM, Electro, Abstract, Ambient, Techno, IndustrialSite: www.oil10.comDuration: 07:21:19File Format: FLAC (tracks, tracks + .cue)Quality: Lossless
Проект Oil 10 основан в 1998 году французским музыкантом Gilles Rossire (Жиль Россир).
После нескольких танцевальных EP на лейбле ARS, Россир подписал контракт со студией Future Music, где работал над проектом Remote. Следующим этапом стало сотрудничество с лейблом Noise Museum и создание Oil 10. Два первых альбома - «In/Out» и «Blocks» - вышли на Noise Museum в 1999 году. Тогда же немецким лейблом Hymen/Ant-zen на виниле был выпущен ЕP «Metastases». Последующие работы выходили на других лейблах...

Huron - Collection (Lossless, 2013-2017)

IDM  Experimental  Abstract  Ambient
27 july 2017

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 3
Views: 1220

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Huron - Collection (Lossless, 2013-2017)Artist: HuronAlbum / Title: КоллекцияRelease year / Date: 2013-2017Country: GermanyStyle: IDM, Glitch, Experimental, Abstract, AmbientSite: huronidm.bandcamp.comDuration: 04:20:14File Format: FLAC, (tracks)Quality: Lossless

Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do (Reissue) (2017)

IDM  Abstract  Techno  Downtempo
24 july 2017

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 0
Views: 1552

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Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do (Reissue) (2017)Artist: Aphex TwinAlbum / Title: ...I Care Because You DoRelease year / Date: 2017Country: UKStyle: IDM, Abstract, Techno, DowntempoLabel: Warp RecordsSite: aphextwin.warp.netDuration: 01:47:33File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

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